Ponto Eletrônico is an online editorial platform by Box1824 that analyzes human behavior through the lenses of trends, culture and consumption. We incite the readers to observe new consequences that emerge in people and in the world, and we propose different angles for observation of the now and tomorrow.

We look for contributors interested in writing about contemporary culture and its conections with current and future human behaviors.

Right now, our work revolves around the following macro-themes:

Racism is not a made up story, nor sexism. Transphobia is quite real and people are still judged to be too old or too young. Nothing new so far. Knowing that prejudice exists is not enough to change society — shedding light on reality is a significant step, but it is only scratching the surface.We must go further. In the age of consumption as a political stance, creating a discourse only to address a demand for engagement is not enough. And who stands out from the crowd? Those who deep-dive in the indisputable truth of the world of discrimination, who face intolerance with sensible solutions, and focus on change, not on appearance.

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Consuming less, finding alternatives, and living only with what’s necessary. the message of lowsumerism is here and it’s crystal clear: the self-destructive process caused by consumerism can only be reined in through a deep awakening of consciousness.

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When gender issues appear in the popular agenda and markets that move trillions of dollars begin to pay attention to them, the discussion directly influences the way companies position their products and communicate from now on.

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Fast-changing human behavior muddles the concept of generations and makes it difficult to establish milestones in time. Human beings have never lived for so long: everyone feels the need to adapt to new lifestyles, and to connect and relate with others, regardless of each person’s age.

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The world has changed, and with it its interpretation. The dualistic understanding between the bottom and the top of the class pyramid alone is not a good measure of a population’s social aspirations. This is our social multiplicity, and is greatly influenced by the brand new world of information. What was once a pyramid has become a prism.

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The world is too intense and frantic to live only one reality at a time. This scenario requires the ability to deal with increasingly high levels of anxiety, which explains multitasking as a current behavior. The nonlinearity of events seems to be the only way out of a life with less boredom or frustration.

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Based on semiotic analysis of the most visible Brazilian codes in different cultures (England, Germany, France, China, India, Colombia, and New Zealand), this study crossed the internal and external images of the country and discovered the four major vocations in Brazil: Empire of Colors, Creative Fusion, Natural Wisdom, and Human Power. These are traits that make fertile ground for groundbreaking projects and ideas in the country.Here we will explore the potential developments of Natural Wisdom, a concept that recognizes the functional power of biodiversity and refers to the knowledge that comes from nature and its impact on life — the lives of not only Brazilians. Indigenous heritage inspires continuous rediscovery by a generation looking to redeem its origins through future possibilities.

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Analysys of sound, aesthetic and behavior trends through the lens of music.

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Within the above themes, we are open to article suggestions that you see complimentary to what has been published on Ponto.

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