We are looking for collaborators who are interested in writing about contemporary culture and its connections with the human behavior of today and tomorrow.

Our editorial platform currently includes the following topics:

Articles complementing the video-study The Rise of Lowsumerism, on reducing excess and new alternatives to the consumer society.
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Articles about today’s vision of gender as a fluid variable, a field of ambivalence that drifts and changes in different contexts, time periods and settings.
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The concept of youth has changed, and the youth mode calls for emancipation: age is dead. Everyone feels the need to adapt to new lifestyles, and to connect and relate with others, regardless of each person’s age.
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With the collapse of the top-down arrangement of society’s income pyramid, consumption is now motivated not only by a person’s financial parameters, but also by their tastes and lifestyles. The dualistic understanding between the bottom and the top of the class pyramid alone is not a good measure of a population’s’ social aspirations.
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Analysis of aesthetic, sound and behavioral trends in the light of music.
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We are open to suggestions that can add to what has already been published here covering the topics above.

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